Spring means: butterflies, patios, open jackets, fresh air and inevitably, spring cleaning. Changes in the weather mean changes in our living space as the temperature rises. 

The great thing about living in a condo is that a lot of the year-to-year maintenance that most homeowners do themselves is done for you. So with that in mind, here are five tips to get your condo/townhouse/house ready for spring.

Clean everything inside: the corners of your closets, the gaps between your air vent slats, your furniture, your door knobs and light switches, your walls (with a lightly damp cloth), your washer and dryer, the backs of your appliances, your carpets, your pillows.  

Bathroom and kitchen grout, though, is one of the more porous surfaces in rooms that see a lot of heat and dampness—which means it’s a great place for germs and mould to get started.

Seal, caulk, and repair: inspection of your interior and exterior for gaps, cracks, and wear, and ask your landlord to reseal windows or caulk around any gaps. 

Clean out your garage/locker/storage spaces. Keep, recycle or donate.

Spray down the windows and dust the blinds. Wipe down the walls and baseboards. And even light fixtures.

Scrub down kitchen cabinets and shelves. 

Deep clean the fridge and all of the appliances.

Freshen up carpets with professional cleaning.

Replace the batteries in your smoke & gas detectors. 

Clean your washing machine and check the washing machine fill hose (should replace them with metal hoses).

Check and drain your water heater.

Bring out and wipe down outdoor furniture.

Examine roof shingles & chimney.

Check your gutters and downspouts.

Repair any cracked or peeling paint.

Clean or replace HVAC filters and clean the dryer vents.

Clean decks, driveways, fences and other outside surfaces.

Check for rodents in the attic, crawlspace, garage, shed, ceiling or wall.

Trim any branches hanging over or touching your rooftop.




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